How to Find Us

Epsom is located some 15 miles (24 km) south-west of London along the A24 London-Dorking road.   It owes its fame to two events: the discovery of health-giving waters in the seventeenth Century, which led to Epsom Salts (hydrated Magnesium Sulphate) and to its popularity as a Spa for the Court of King Charles II and others, and the founding of a race for 3yr-old horses on Epsom Downs, known as the Derby.

Epsom, with the neighbouring town of Ewell, is a Borough, having received its charter in 1937. Population is around 60,000. Its name is variously said to be derived from ‘the home of Ebba’, rumoured to have been a local Anglo-Saxon Princess, hence Ebbisham, an old name for Epsom still used locally for street names and a Sports Centre; alternatively, from a water source which ran down the line of Church Street, unconnected with the Wells, that appears at intervals, always inconveniently, i.e., ebbing and flowing, at the north-eastern end of the High Street.

Our Church is located in Church Street, directly opposite the Police Station, just a little north of the junction with Worple Road. This street is well-named, being the location of three churches: our Church; Epsom Baptist Church, which about 50 metres from its junction with the High Street; and the part-15th Century Epsom Parish Church of St Martin of Tours, some two hundred metres south of our Church.

Address of the church:

United Reformed Church,
Church Street,
KT17 4PW

According to the Post Office, the church does not have a number!  The Epsom Club, on one side, is numbered 41-43, and Brewer Consulting in The Hermitage on the other side, is numbered 45.  Apparently this is quite common!