Everyone who shares in the life of the congregation in any way should feel part of the church and we seek to exclude no-one. However, for the purposes of good order in church government, we receive people into membership through their profession of faith. People may come into membership of the congregation by one of several ways:

  1. A person who was baptised as a child, though technically already a member of the Church, is received into the full responsibilities and rights of membership by profession of faith after some membership instruction.
  2. Someone who has been a full member of another church who wishes to transfer will normally bring a letter of commendation from the previous church. The request will be received by the Elders’ Meeting and then by the Church Meeting which will normally be pleased to propose that the person be received at the next opportunity during a communion service.
  3. Adults who have not previously been baptised will be received as full members at their baptism, again after due instruction has been given and the authority of the Church Meeting gained.