12th Epsom Guide Company

The Guide Association is the largest voluntary organisation for women and girls in this country, with about 700,000 members. Guiding was started in 1910 by Robert Baden-Powell, following his success with Scouting, when he realised that girls wanted the same adventure.

Any girl of 10 or over can join the Guide Association as a Guide and can stay until they are 15. The girls are organised into patrols of between four and eight, and each patrol plans its own activities with the support of a Guide Guider so that each guide learns to share in decisions that affect herself and the other in the patrol.

Being a Guide is about belonging to a group, learning new skills, making friends and helping others. Each Guide is encouraged to achieve her own personal goals through a progressive programme with the opportunity to work for for a vasriety of badges. This allows the girl to mature and develop at her own pace.

As well as camps and holidays there is a wide range of other outdoor activities from abseiling to walking. Specialist activities are always supervised by qualified instructors.

Each guide pays a small subscription to the Unit to cover costs of equipment, badges and the meeting hall. Our Company, the 12th Epsom, meet in Unity Hall on Thursday evenings during term time between 19.00 and 20.30.